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Everybody’s ultimate dream is to travel more. But when you – as I do – get to live that dream, you understand that your own peace of mind is your only home.

For me, being home means being content – in my own portable and private world. That precious minute, hour or day of happiness gives me the sense of belonging. It does not matter where this happens. My home is where Good is present and where Bad is obvious. Where the borders are clear and non-existent at the same time.

Design Travel guide. The best of unique local restaurants, cafes and markets, hotels, fashion and interior decor shopping, extraordinary museums, art galleries and artist's studios, city adventure tips and more. Every place has been carefully selected by the authors for its genuinely local flavor and beautiful design. The descriptions are personal and humorous, the images are beautiful and not prearranged.

Authors: Veronika Blomgren, Nikola Kostic