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“Moscow is different. Special. Unique. Although she is impressive, you can’t really call her “pretty”. She is open-hearted, yes, but she hides it well – this city (just like the whole country it represents), is a paradox. An enigma. You might find Moscow uncomfortably vast, grey and surly, but don’t let this first impression intimidate you. Just make a little effort to dig your new date a bit harder, and she will present herself in all her glory: with those broad boulevards and cozy parks, dramatic architecture of the Soviet’s past, and the fresh wave of urban landscaping that gives the city that young, “hip” vibe. The modern café culture, the art spaces, the parties, the farmer's markets – you name it. Russia’s capital has it all!”

DEFINE FINE Moscow presents the best of unique local restaurants, cafes and markets, hotels, fashion and interior decor shopping, extraordinary museums, art galleries and artist's studios, city adventure tips and more. Every place has been carefully selected by the authors for its genuinely local flavor and beautiful design. The descriptions are personal and humorous, the images are beautiful and not prearranged.

Authors: Veronika Blomgren, Maria Mozolevskaya, Nikola Kostic
208 pages, 93 photographs


ISBN 978-91-88457-03-5